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    Todd Tindall


    Todd Tindall joined CEA Group in 2019 in the investment banking division of the firm as Vice President. He has spent over 25 years in the financial industry encompassing roles on both the retail and investment banking side of the business.  In the retail space, Todd provided due diligence on money managers for investment advisory clientele, forensic accounting, portfolio valuations and direct private equity investment.  

    Todd has assisted in capital structure and financial management for both early and middle market companies from various industries including commercial real estate, sports marketing, wireless broadband, battery technology, logistics, and additive manufacturing. His hands-on experience gives him unique insights in working with companies to analyze the capital markets for their specific business strategy and product planning.  

    He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Rollins College.

    Mr. Tindall is a Director with Vq Research, a 3D Printing manufacturing firm for MLCCs and other electronic parts located in  Palo Alto, CA. In addition, he serves as Managing Partner for Guardian Advisors, a Florida Registered Investment Advisor. Todd also holds a Series 79 license.

    He resides in Tampa with his wife and two daughters.