Lisa Levatino

Vice President, Corporate Development Send email

Lisa Levatino joined CEA in 2005 to provide advisory and investment banking services to companies in the consumer products and services, communications, entertainment, media and technology industries.  She serves domestic and international clients in areas that include:

  • Business development
  • Financial and strategic advice that involves identifying both traditional and nontraditional targets for business as well as alternative channels for capitalizing on under-utilized assets along with
  • Investment banking and advisory services for M&A opportunities.

As Vice President of Corporate Development for the CEA Group, Lisa has also driven the Company's corporate realignment by planning for operational transitions requiring heightened focus and support for funds, joint ventures and other partnerships of CEA's Alternative Asset Management Group in addition to a broadened ad modernized articulation of CEA's ability to leverage its rich track record and specialized ability to serve companies beyond its CME heritage.

Prior to CEA, Lisa worked with clients in more than 15 industries advising on growth capital needs, streamlining operations, improving sales and marketing, attracting traditional and non-traditional customers and remedying various strategic planning issues along with researching, creating, presenting and implementing business plans, marketing plans, advertising and PR plans.