Strategic Advisory

Evaluating a World of Opportunity
Successful strategies in the media, entertainment and communications space require a particularly keen understanding of the shift from old to new business models. For example, as user-generated content continues to explode into open distribution platforms, traditional companies must rethink the way they satisfy consumer appetites and measure the results.

As a boutique investment bank, Communications Equity Associates excels at anticipating these trends and identifying growth opportunities. We have the luxury of being able to concentrate all of our energies on media, entertainment and communications properties around the world. CEA’s professionals offer expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Negotiating business contracts
  • Improving management operations
  • Developing and financing new business ventures
  • Preparing applications for franchises or licenses
  • Assisting clients in understanding changing market dynamics
CEA’s global strategy accomplishments include: reorganizing and privatizing a state-owned Eastern European record company, defining the potential structure for a major Internet initiative for the German government, and assisting a Chilean telecommunications company to develop its business plan for cable television.