Celebrating a Progressive Heritage
CEA was founded in 1973 as a boutique investment bank and broker to the US cable television industry. Over the years, the company has grown steadily, expanding into new business areas and new regions of the world.

  • Early 1980s—CEA diversifies into broadcast television and radio, outdoor advertising and entertainment
  • Mid 1980s—CEA expands into Europe and Asia
  • 1991—CEA moves into new media and communications technology
  • 1993—CEA adds its first private equity fund with Baring Venture Partners
  • Since 1993—CEA develops 10 private equity funds with over $1.15 billion in capital with funds invested exclusively in media, entertainment and communications companies around the world
  • 2004—CEA Europe and TransConnect Consulting combine companies to form goetzpartners, a top-tier corporate advisory firm with corporate finance and management consulting expertise
  • 2007—CEA sold its interest in goetzpartners in December 2007