Sale of Ownership Stake in Mediatti Communications

Mediatti Client:
Mediatti Communications, Inc. (Mediatti), a Japanese cable MSO. Mediatti is controlled by Olympus Capital Holdings Asia, a private equity fund manager, in partnership with Tomen Corporation. Mediatti is one of Olympus Capital’s five investments in Japan and one of approximately 20 investments in the Asia Pacific region.

Liberty Media International LLC (Liberty Media), a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation (NYSE: L, LMC.B) owns interests in a broad range of electronic retailing, video programming, broadband distribution, interactive technology services and communications businesses.


  • CEA represented Mediatti, who owns and operates broadband networks passing over 600,000 households, mainly in the Tokyo area, in the sale of 23% ownership state to Liberty Media with option to increase ownership by funding up to $82 million.
  • CEA acted as sole financial advisor to the seller
CEA's Role:
  • CEA replaced a major international investment banking firm who had failed to obtain a reasonable price for the sale of this U.S. controlled Japanese cable system.
  • CEA was able to interest Liberty in acquiring a minority interest with a pathway to control Mediatti on a performance basis.
  • This acquisition was very attractive to the selling private equity group that controlled Mediatti.

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